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All people walk, show Hiecise's vitality, and walk out of health and happiness hand in hand

2021-06-15 12:23
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Measure the beauty of Kunshan with your feet and record the vitality of Hiecise with your eyes. On Saturday (May 12), 2018 Kunshan 12th International Walking conference and Kunshan "National Fitness Day" Sports Festival was officially launched in citizen culture square. 53 employees of our company, together with more than 40000 Chinese and foreign hiking enthusiasts in the city, took "national fitness, you and I together" as the theme, and felt the joy of hiking and the civilization of the city in the clear sky, green trees and flowers.

At 7 o'clock sharp in the morning, Hiecise's hiking team had assembled at the gate of the company. They were dressed in neat white T-shirts and white hats with the company's logo on their heads, and took buses to the civic culture square. Before 8:00, hikers from all over the square have gathered in the square. Hiecise team is involved in it, and the staff participating in the hike are eager to try. At 8:30, with an order, the national hiking fitness activity was officially launched. My company's partners along with the flow of people, towards the end of Kunshan Sports Center happy March. Along the way, we enjoy the fun of sports, and at the same time, we show the high spirited state of Hiecise team and the enterprise attitude of focusing. No one left behind or gave up. At about 10:30, all the staff arrived and assembled to return to the company.

This year is the 12th hiking meeting successfully held in Kunshan. More than 300000 people have participated in it. It is an annual brand public welfare activity of national fitness in Kunshan. The participation of Hiecise employees in Kunshan hiking conference is not only our company's positive response to social welfare activities, but also a good display of Hiecise's corporate image and employees' mental outlook. Yang Yiqiong, from the management department, was caught in the camera when walking on foot, and made the front page headline of Kunshan daily the next day. During the walking, Hiecise people join hands to reach the destination, which perfectly interprets the image of Hiecise people as civilized, public welfare, green and healthy. While stretching their body and mind, they enhance the team cohesion, feel the charm of Kunshan civilized city, show the vitality of Hiecise, and walk out of a healthy and happy life.

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