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Love for public welfare

2020-11-24 12:00
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Where the flower of love blooms, life can flourish. We have never spared the praise of love and charity. As Shakespeare said, compassion is not out of force, it is like the dew from the earth; it not only gives happiness to those who receive it, but also to those who give.

Ding Meiying, who has been working in our company for three years and is about to retire at the end of April, was as happy as millions of ordinary families. However, an accident this year has changed the life track of this family of five. Ding Meiying's husband was found to be suffering from severe diabetes. He needs regular insulin injections to maintain his condition. In the future, he needs to take long-term medicine. The monthly medical expenses of more than 1000 yuan also make this family even worse. At the same time, Ding Meiying's mother-in-law is 83 years old, and her son is still in junior high school. The burden of maintaining the family's daily expenses is on her alone.

The personnel management department of our company learned about Ding Meiying's retirement procedures during the negotiation process. After further verification, we applied for a love assistance fund of 5000 yuan from the Hiecise love fund for her, which was distributed to her at the first time. After receiving the information from the donor Ding Meiying, her eyes were whirling with tears, and her simple words were filled with gratitude for Hiecise. Up to now, Ding Meiying has been the third Hiecise employee assisted by Hiecise love fund since its establishment in 2015.

Love for public welfare, true love in Hiecise. Hiecise love fund is a mutual aid and mutual help platform initiated by the three founders of the company and participated by Hiecise employees voluntarily. It aims to help all Hiecise employees who are suffering from serious misfortune. Little by little, we can form a sea and gather hope. Although our help is limited in the face of difficulties, we will always adhere to it, repay Hiecise people with love, warm the hearts of employees with love, convey the great love of the world, and carry forward the positive energy of society.

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