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Mk84125-iii25 automatic CNC roll grinder has the characteristics of high precision, high surface grinding quality, strong stability and easy operation. It can grind cylindrical roller surface, sinusoidal curve (convex and concave), parabola, CVC curve, high power curve and user-defined curve roller surface, and its comprehensive performance reaches the world advanced level.
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Processing diameter range (mm) φ200-2000 Head frame speed(rpm) 5-60
Apex distance(m) 5、6 Grinding wheel motor power(kW) 95
Maximum processing weight(t) 25 Carriage speed(mm/min) ≤5000
Minimum grinding roller parameters with minimum grinding wheel φ480 mill φ200 Linear speed of grinding wheel(m/s) ≤45
Maximum convex (concave) amount(mm) ±2.5 CNC system of grinder 840DSL

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